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Run across the wind to outdoor

A gas or cloud of smoke spreads with the wind, move away from the danger area immediately across the wind.

Avoid direct skin contact with chemicals

Do not inhale chemical vapour

Buildings provide shelter

Do not stay outdoors. Close doors and windows; Deactivate ventilation systems.

Support others

Warn neighbours. Call children into the house. Offer passers protection in your home. Inform rescue workers about injured and needy people.

Follow instructions

Pay attention to loudspeaker announcements of the rescue workers; be sure to follow the instructions.

Turn on the Radio

If necessary, reports about the incident and all-clearings would be shared via the regional radio stations (NDR 2, NDR1 Radio Niedersachsen).

Keep the telephone connections free

Do not block the phones of fire brigade and police by making inquiries. Make phone calls only in an emergency. Keep the telephone connections free.