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About us

About us
The AFP Antiseptica Forschungs- und Produktionsgesellschaft mbH was founded in 1985 in Lueneburg by Dr. Walter Hahn, till today is still located in this university and Hanseatic city south of Hamburg.

Specialist in liquid disinfectants
We are specialized in the production, testing and contract filling of liquids, disinfectants, medicines, medical products, biocides and cosmetics. In these areas, we are trusted by well-known and leading international companies.

Services in Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries
As service provider, we are committed to the satisfaction of our customers and guarantee for the quality of our services and products. We take over the entire production process for our customers from the procurement of raw materials to the storage of finished goods, incl. quality control in laboratory. Also Pharmaceuticals can be placed on the market in accordance with Medicines Law (AMG), from our own qualified Persons. On customer request, we are flexible and always available to give advice.

Competent. Indigenous. Responsible.
We have our expertise in pharmacy and chemistry through research, education, and decades of work for our customers. The A.F.P. GmbH is growing continuously, but above all sustainable. Today around 107 people work hand in hand with us in order to ensure the highest quality.

Chemistry with a future and over 30 years’ experience

As A.F.P GmbH, we think and act in long term in order to be a reliable partner for our customers and to live up to our high responsibilities towards people, the environment and the location. We do research and we continue to evolve to meet future challenges. In Lueneburg we train young people and offer them long-term career prospects. As a team, we maintain a good corporate culture, which reflects on motivated and satisfied employees. We are committed to quality and the environment, and this is confirmed by the DQS through the certificates for our quality management and our environmental management.

Three good reasons for A.F.P.

A. for „All from a single source“: From the procurement of raw materials to placing your products on the market, from consultation to labelling, we are your full service partner.

F.for „Flexibility”:
Our customers worldwide appreciate our flexibility with which we focus on their individual needs.

P.for „Probing“:
We provide the highest quality and safety through analytical testing and on-going controls in our laboratory.



Founding of A.F.P. Company in Lueneburg by Dr. Walter Hahn


Start of production with 5 employees


Production Permit under Medicine Law (AMG)


Certification under DIN EN ISO 9002


Completion of the high rack warehouse


Certification under DIN EN ISO 46002


Own wastewater treatment plant


Mounting of hall 3-Storage of packaging materials


Start of bottling pharmaceuticals in cleanroom, certification under EN ISO 13488


Certification under DIN EN ISO 14001 / Certification under DIN EN ISO 13485


Number of employees: 56 / Built usable area about: 6000 m² / Size of the company’s site about: 15500 m²/ Expansion of manufacturing capacity in cleanroom


Start of production of pharmaceuticals in cleanroom


25 years Anniversary of A.F.P. GmbH


Number of employees: 80


Number of employees: 98


Completion of new construction for administration and warehouse for hazardous materials


Number of employees: 113


Number of employees: 115


Number of employees: 129


Current number of employees: 131


Current number of employees: 107

The management of A.F.P. GmbH

Dieter Herrmann

Commercial Managing Director

Gero Dannat

Technical Managing Director