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Production and Filling

Production and Filling
A.F.P. has been the specialist in manufacturing, testing and contract filling of liquids for pharmaceutical and chemical companies for more than 30 years. Our focus is on Disinfectants for skin, instruments, industry and agriculture.

Full service and perfect care
From procurement of raw materials/ basic materials for production and bottling, to storage, we take care of all the activities involved. That also includes the analytical testing of raw materials and finished goods.

Fully flexible: All articles at A.F.P. are manufactured according to your specifications.
You tell us, what, how many, in what, what design and where – we at A.F.P. make the perfect result according to your expectations.
– Batch sizes: up to 20,000 litres
– Container sizes: from 50ml to 1,000 litres
– 4 powerful, fully automatic filling lines for larger quantities
– 4 more filling machines for smaller batch sizes

This allows us in A.F.P. to produce different formats in various quantities for you- flexible and completely according to your wishes.

We label your finished goods according to your specifications and deliver punctually and safely to your desired destination. Gladly we can keep your goods for you in stock- the proper storage is ensured with us.

Upon requests, our own qualified persons will place your pharmaceuticals on the market according to Medicine Law (AMG).