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Safety always has priority at AFP GmbH

Although disruption of operation in technical systems can never be completely ruled out, AFP GmbH always plans and works in such a way that the probability of disturbances can almost be ruled out.Through a variety of safety measures, we ensure that no incident develops from a non-critical technical disruption of operation. In addition to clear specifications on the organizational process, carefully tested safety components also contribute to this.

Warning and Information

In the event of a disruption, the control centre of the city of Lueneburg will deploy the necessary emergency services. In addition, the competent authorities will be involved. Residents will be informed by loudspeaker announcements and / or radio announcements.

What is a Malfunction?

Despite all safety measures, there may be disruption in one operating area. A malfunction is only a disruption of operation if there is a serious risk to the health of people or a massive damage to the environment or property. Due to national and European laws, many operators of industrial plants are required to regularly inform about safety measures and behaviour in case of incidents. Within the framework of the so-called Hazardous Incident Ordinance (12. BImSchV), this also applies to AFP GmbH.

Which areas are subjected to Hazardous incident ordinance?

The AFP GmbH operates in Lueneburg plants for the production of disinfectants. For the production of these, we process and store, in addition to other hazardous substances whose quantities are not covered by the Hazardous Incident Ordinance, substances hazardous to the aquatic environment. The site is therefore an operating area in terms of the Hazardous Incident Ordinance, which is classified in the lower class. On 01.09.2023 the last inspection took place according to § 16 of the Hazardous Incident Ordinance by the State Trade Inspectorate Lueneburg.

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What effects could a malfunction have?

Hazards can be triggered by fire and explosion events (smoke, release of hazardous substances) as well as damaged, leaky storage or transport containers. An alarm and hazard prevention plan has been drawn up with the participation of the competent authorities.

First –hand information:

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