• Otto-Brenner-Straße 16-18, 21337 Lüneburg, Deutschland

A.F.P. as employer
We are proud to have been with our employees continuously for over 30 years and above all to grow healthy. Today 107 women and men in 20 different occupations and positions work at A.F.P. Our employee turnover is very low and the acquisition of our apprentices after a successful training course is certain. Never before has A.F.P. done operational layoffs.

Teamwork and a good working atmosphere are important pillars of our mutual success. Therefore we like to do more to be an attractive employer. Of course that includes one fair shift system, premium payments, job security and health care, and also thoughtfulness such as free drinks and two annual company parties. Employees with over two years of employment can also look forward to a monthly tank allowance. Those who remain loyal to us for more than five years even benefit from company pension plans.

When will you start with us?

What distinguishes our employees:
– Teamwork
– Motivation
– Flexibility
– Reliability
– Care
– Responsibility

Why you should start at A.F.P.:
– Job security
– Good working atmosphere
– Nice colleague
– Premium payments
– Company parties
– Supplements after two years

A big employer in Lueneburg.
Employee at A.F.P.: Clerk in Purchase, Clerk in Quality Management, Management Order Processing, Clerk in Order Processing, Assistant Head of Production, Production Planning and Control, Clerk in Accounting, Clerk in Personnel, Production Manager, Technical Managing Director, Commercial Managing Director, Laboratory Manager, Operations Manager, Assistant Operation Manager, Shift Supervisor, Production Employee Filling, Production Employee Manufacturing, Assistant to the Head of Quality Control, Quality Management (QM) representative, Chemical Laboratory Assistant.